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Crypto Asset Free Group Experience Seminar 2023/7/5 (Wed) 20:00~

Crypto Asset Free Group Experience Seminar 2023/7/5 (Wed) 20:00~

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This seminar is for those who are interested in how to profit from technical analysis of crypto assets (especially Bitcoin).
Crypto-assets dropped significantly in price last year, but this year the movement has changed, such as a large rebound. One of the reasons is said to be the halving of Bitcoin in 2024.
Looking back at the past cycles, the cycle of rising from the year before the half-life and peaking in the year after the half-life has been repeated.
As you know, bitcoin fluctuates wildly and you can aim for a large return, but on the other hand, it is a stock that requires caution against risks, but the technical is very effective and it is easy to make trading decisions from chart analysis.
We would like to spend time together thinking about how to trade based on these characteristics and investment strategies based on your lifestyle.
Tools used by members who have achieved 7-digit profit every month,
Details such as courses where investment knowledge was obtained,
"Regarding highly reproducible methods" that have made it possible to generate stable profits,
This is a seminar about the steps to get results in the shortest time.
If you are unable to participate on the day or would like to review the recording, please let us know on LINE.
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