🎍Announcement of New Year special campaign🎍

To commemorate Christmas 2022, we will hold a 30% discount campaign.

This year also produced many students who achieved 7-digit profit in one month

Beginners, middle-advanced, one-on-one consulting.

A set of indicators, video lectures, and trade consulting that can solve all problems for making a profit on investment.

The tuition fee will be 30% off for 5 days only from 1/1 (Sun) to 5 (Thu).

If you are considering taking this course, don't miss this opportunity!

* On the day of the event, the price on the sales site will be changed to a discounted price.

After midnight on the 5th, the price will return to the regular price.

Click here for the application site

① Beginner consultation (300,000 yen → 210,000 yen)

(2) Intermediate/advanced consulting (600,000 yen → 430,000 yen)

③ One-on-one consulting (750,000 yen → 525,000 yen)

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