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Product name (service name)

・Technical Analysis Course (Video Learning Course)
・Trade seminar ・Trade consultant service ・Indicator ・Technical analysis distribution service ・Operation service for business operators (consultant service)

Service ProviderAkihiko Kohata

Contact information
* Inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day at the above email address.
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LIZ International Asset Design Co., Ltd.

Location 1-9-52 Maikozaka, Tarumi Ward, Kobe City
(Satellite Office)
4-3-5 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi OTOWA Kobe Motomachi 406

Operation managerAkihiko Kohata

Phone number 090-6751-0300

Selling price (fixed price)
*All prices include consumption tax.

・Technical Analysis Course (Video Learning Course)
Technical basic course 10,000 yen Trading basic course 30,000 yen Trading practical course 30,000 yen Advanced trading course 50,000 yen

・Trade seminar Seminar 30,000 yen for beginners to know how to become a wealthy person
Line trade (1) Trend line 5,000 yen
Line trade ② channel line 5,000 yen Trading view one-on-one seminar on how to use 10,000 yen
Introductory investment course to support investors in their 20s 48,000 yen Explosive profit every day trading course 700,000 yen Seminar with video commentary 7,000 yen (1 year subscription)

・Trade Consultant Service
Beginner group consultation 300,000 yen Intermediate advanced group consultation 600,000 yen One-on-one consultation 750,000 yen
FX spot one-on-one consultation 10,000 yen One coin (500 yen) Spot one-on-one consultation 500 yen

・ Indicator (all 1 month subscription)
EMA 6,000 yen
ADX + DMI ¥6,000

・ Technical analysis distribution service (all 1 month subscription)
Individual stock analysis shared distribution service 20,000 yen Technical analysis shared distribution service Crypto assets 15,000 yen Indices, commodities 20,000 yen
FX 20,000 yen

・Operation service for businesses (consultant service)
Group course 980,000 yen One-on-one course 1,200,000 yen

Application method Application form on the sales site (24 hours reception)

Payment method Credit card payment

Product delivery method and timing After payment is completed, we will send information about the purchased product to your email address at a later date.

Payment deadline Payment by credit card is based on the terms of each credit company.

About refunds (returns) Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept refunds or returns.
note that.

Precautions regarding expressions and products There are individual differences in the expressions and reproducibility shown for each product, and we do not necessarily guarantee benefits or effects.

Investment risks and fees Each product does not guarantee that the same profit as the lecturer and developer will be obtained.
All transactions are subject to price fluctuation risk, and may incur losses in some cases. You will also be charged brokerage fees.
Please be sure to make investment decisions at your own risk.

Disclaimer We make every effort to disclose information when selling each product, but due to the characteristics of the products and services, we do not always guarantee their effectiveness in the future.
In addition, even in the unlikely event that some kind of trouble occurs when using each product or service, neither the Company nor its responsible party will be held responsible or liable for any kind of warranty.
Please make final investment decisions at your own discretion.

About personal information The club operates with the customer's privacy as the top priority.
We promise to store your personal information safely under strict management.
Such personal information will not be provided to third parties unless required by law or when it is necessary to protect our rights and property.
For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

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