Male office worker in his 30s living in Tokyo

(Those who have completed the 1st trading beginner group consultation)

I am an office worker who trades on the side of work.
I had been doing cryptocurrency FX for a while, but I became interested in foreign exchange trading, and when I wanted to study FX in earnest, I saw a course guide on TradingView and started a year. I participated in the consulting course of

Before receiving consultation, I didn't even have the basics of trading, and I wasn't able to manage risk at all.
I waited for the price to move in the opposite direction to what I expected and had an unrealized loss, and then gave up and cut the loss. I was doing a trade that was mentally taxing.

The biggest change after receiving the consultation was that I was able to avoid losses by learning how to deal with risks.

Although it is basic, it is now possible to always place stop orders to cut losses.
The reason I haven't been able to put a stop until now is not just because I'm frustrated with the loss cut, but also because I didn't know how to put a stop.
Thanks to the fact that it is closely related to the timing of entry and the specifics of where and how to put it, it has become possible to place it reliably, and even if there is a loss, it will be negligible.
Also, since there is a large profit that exceeds that, it will be a plus when viewed in total.

Furthermore, risk management is not only about asset management, but also about trading techniques in general.
For example, if you can grasp the market environment correctly, you will not make a move in a dangerous situation, and you will avoid unnecessary losses. Also, the resistance zone-aware entry method is the most effective way to maximize profits and minimize losses at the same time.
In this way, the trading techniques that appear in the course are packed with ideas to minimize losses, and by taking the course, you can naturally acquire the habit of trading while reducing risk. It is now possible.

Mentally, I have lost my fear of big losses and can now trade comfortably.
I feel that being able to trade without psychological anxiety is an important factor for continuing trading over the long term.

I was able to make such an improvement thanks to the efficient acquisition of the essence of the trading method established through many years of trial and error through consulting.
Above all, the teacher's guidance is very polite, and you can tell that he really wants you to improve your trading.

Also, information and teaching materials are centrally stored and organized in Discord, so I was able to research and study whenever I wanted.

The decisive factor in attending the consultation was that a systematic study plan was prepared. I decided to take the course because I thought I would be able to learn step by step from basics to applications.

Consultants are able to systematically learn trading and point out problem areas as needed, so those who have been doing FX for some time but are trying to get serious about it, and those who have been doing it on their own but are not getting good results. Recommended for people.

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