Female office worker in her 50s living in South Korea

(Those who have completed the first one-on-one trade consulting course)

This is my 3rd year in FX.

What challenges did you face prior to consulting?
I would appreciate it if you could give me specific numbers.

I learned about Forex three years ago, when I was working abroad, when I would be fired, and when I returned to Japan, I would be in my 50s and 60s, and it would be difficult to find a new job. I started FX when I was thinking about anxiety.

・What did you do before you received the consultation to solve the problem?
If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you could tell me a specific example.

At first, I tried a demo based on what I saw on YouTube and blogs of FX traders. However, even the demo is not positive and only negative. .
I learned FX at a school that decided that I had to learn this properly.

However, the style of the school I entered was not a style that teaches the basics of investment from scratch, but a unique style of trading method was built, and I was not familiar with that trading method and the results were not good.

I started to think that if I didn't learn the basics of Forex, investment, and trading first, I wouldn't be able to trade properly, and at that time, I was introduced to this consultant by a trading senior.

・As a result, what kind of change did you have in your investment activities and in your private life?
If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you could tell me a specific example.

As soon as you enter here, there is a proper video course where you can watch the basics of trading, the basics of trading, etc. from beginner to intermediate and advanced as many times as you like. You can watch it repeatedly.
There are also individual and group consultations, and individuals can use them meaningfully by listening to questions and questions collectively and thinking about future trading styles with teachers, and in groups, correcting and asking questions of people in the same group, etc. The current exchange situation I shared information with everyone, and my understanding increased.

What was the reason for such a change, and what was good about the consultation?

In my case, I recorded the individual consultations, so I looked back on them as if I was learning a couple of times. I took advantage of it.
But just watching and listening doesn't change anything, and it's essential to review and practice how to make it your own, even if it's not every day. If you don't accumulate that much, you can't win lol

What was the decisive factor when introducing consulting?

The decisive factor was that the indicator developed by the teacher was easy to use and easy to see. It is very easy to see, and the resistance band can be seen at a glance, making it easy to judge.
Other stochastics also help you make the right decisions, so they are very easy to use and easy to see.
From how to use the indicator, the current exchange rate, trade points, etc. are well summarized, and you can ask questions at any time on the line.

What kind of person do you recommend the concert to?

This is a consultation that we highly recommend to those who want to acquire general knowledge about investment, including FX.

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