Collection: 🌟🌟 Super consulting in Japan to cure trader's illness (Recruiting students in May)

Super consulting in Japan to cure traders' illnesses (Recruiting students in May)

You can't get results just by understanding it in your head.

Your trading style will be established by making a trading record, repeating trial and error, and turning the PDCA cycle.

Get direct advice from investment experts and get results fast!

Each consult will be held every other week on 1 hour zoom.

Beginner consulting is easy trading with indicators,

In addition to that, middle-advanced consultants will also master more full-fledged line trading.

Both are available for 12 months.

In addition to the above, one-on-one intensive consulting can produce results faster by performing one-hour intensive consulting once a week for the first three months.

Unlike group consulting, the content is customized for each individual, so you can quickly complete a trading style that is perfect for you.

All courses come with the following benefits:

・5 free indicators

・Watch 60 video lectures (60 hours)

After 12 months have passed, it is possible to continue consulting and using indicators at a discount rate limited to those who have completed the course.