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This is a list of application pages for indicators, video courses, and trade consulting.

To apply for other seminars, etc., please visit the member site you are participating in and apply.

original investment indicator

It is possible to subscribe to each indicator that is systemized and linked.

If you want to try the indicator alone for a while, please use this.

* Please use it after recognizing that it is difficult to keep winning just by getting the indicator.

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Introductory investment course to support investors in their 20s

⭐️ 3 minimum indicators required for investment

This is a course with a tuition fee that is easy for people in their 20s who do not have enough funds to invest in themselves.

Young people aspiring to invest can learn the basics to avoid failure and grow as investors in a planned manner.

Before suddenly starting financial investment and losing important funds, first invest in yourself and understand the correct way to do it.

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Trade video learning course

⭐️ Provide 5 indicators necessary and sufficient for investment

This is a video course where you can learn everything you need to know in order to make a profit from investment decisions based on technical analysis, from basics to applications.

The content focuses on how to use indicators that are given benefits and risk management, as well as entry settlement decisions based on technical analysis.

To make it easier to purchase, courses are divided according to level, so please apply according to your own investment budget.

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Trade consulting service

⭐️ Provide 5 indicators necessary and sufficient for investment

⭐️ With trade video learning course that understands charts

It is difficult to get results just by knowing the knowledge necessary for investment.

In order to put knowledge into actual trading, it is necessary to practice repeatedly under accurate advice.

We offer three courses: beginner group, intermediate-advanced group, one-on-one, and a short-term intensive one-on-one course.

Please select a course according to your ability, goals, and budget.

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