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Smart Online Traders Club

Online business free trial course (next 11/22 Tuesday 20:00-)

Online business free trial course (next 11/22 Tuesday 20:00-)

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This course will lead you to a successful business that sells products and services online.

Anyone can start an online business, but in order to succeed, there are many things that must be done, including attracting customers, and even if you start it, it will take time and effort to stabilize your earnings.

If a lecturer who is successful in online business himself researches up to that point and takes a course that summarizes how to try and succeed,

・What should be done in what order?

・How to create a site necessary for advertising and sales

・ Communication methods and tools from attracting customers to selling

・Reliable company when outsourcing production

You can know about in advance.

Also, if you want to sell original products and services, we will help you create a concept to sell.

First of all, let's get basic knowledge about online business with a free trial course!

*The date and time of the trial course will be adjusted by e-mail after applying, and will be held in a zoom meeting for about 1 hour.

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