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Trading Basic Course (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

Trading Basic Course (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

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We will tell you in order according to a systematic curriculum on technical analysis of charts, which is common in various investments such as stock investment, foreign exchange trading, index investment, and cryptocurrency trading.

If you want to learn properly and acquire the skills to profit from investment, let's do our best together.

The trading course (basic, practical, and application) is a program for applying what you have learned in the basic technical course to trading.

In this trading basic course, you will learn the following contents and acquire skills to strategize trading.

lesson 1
Trading Basic Course (Beginner's Edition) 5 videos The three that are often used in trading, Dow Theory, Elliot, and Support Register Conversion, are related to each other, so we will learn them as a set and make them useful knowledge.

Also, in the scene where the actual entry/settlement decision is made, the price movement itself will be used as a reference, so please be aware of its quirks. If you can understand how trends change based on their content, you will be able to seize opportunities.

lesson two
I will explain specific methods for trading using the basic knowledge of indicators learned in the technical basic course. By learning not only trend following but also contrarian, you will be able to see where the contrarian group will set up, and you will be able to make entry and settlement decisions.

lesson 3
Basic trading course (advanced) Explains how to recognize the environment from both five video indicators and lines. In addition, you will learn how to select timeframes to use moving averages well, and you will be able to select environments that are easy to trade.

*For practice trading, it is recommended to use demo trading instead of suddenly investing actual funds.
* In future lectures, we will explain in detail how to order for risk management, along with the explanation of trading methods.

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