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Trade application course (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

Trade application course (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

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We will tell you in order according to a systematic curriculum on technical analysis of charts, which is common in various investments such as stock investment, foreign exchange trading, index investment, and cryptocurrency trading.

If you want to learn properly and acquire the skills to profit from investment, let's do our best together.

The trading course (basic, practical, and application) is a program for applying what you have learned in the basic technical course to trading.

In this trading application course, based on what you learned in the technical basic course, trading basic course, and practical course, you will acquire skills that can make a big profit in trading by learning the following content.

lesson 1
Trade Application Course (Beginner)
Since you will be able to select a method that fits the market environment, you will further improve your knowledge of contrarian and be able to see the resistance zone that is the basis for entry and settlement decisions.

You will be able to maximize your profits by acquiring the skills to appropriately select the time frame and moving average line and by devising settlement methods.

lesson two

Advanced Trade Course (Intermediate) 5 Videos

So far, we have dealt with entry and settlement methods in a one-shot game, but intermediate and higher traders use advanced techniques such as devising orders and changing positions while observing the situation.

In this section, you will learn such order methods and strategies, aiming to become a trader who can always make a profit.

lesson 3
Advanced Trade Course (Advanced) 5 videos

From what we have so far,

・Creating trading rules that suit you ・Building trading scenarios

and establish a style that can be used in actual battle.

Finally, as a summary, we will organize the points of the contents so far, and you will be able to trade correctly without confusion.

*For practice trading, it is recommended to use demo trading instead of suddenly investing actual funds.
* In future lectures, we will explain in detail how to order for risk management, along with the explanation of trading methods.

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