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スマート オンライン トレーダーズ クラブ

Operation Business Group Course (with 24-hour, permanent support)

Operation Business Group Course (with 24-hour, permanent support)

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Group consulting service limited to small business owners and sole proprietors

We will limit losses with rules and tools for making sound investments that place the utmost importance on risk management.

24 hours/permanent support included

This is a course to create a new income source in a short period of time by investing in business by managing surplus funds.

With a goal of 2 months, we will have 10 zoom consultations twice a week. (About 1 hour per session)
After 3 months, follow-up zoom will be performed once a month until the 12th month and results will be given.

We support all the necessary administrative procedures from the opening of a corporate account to the start of operation, acquisition of investment technology, mastering of how to use tools, and acquisition of risk management skills.

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