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Adx+Dmi (limited discount for graduates)

Adx+Dmi (limited discount for graduates)

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ADX + DMI is one of the most difficult indicators to read, but it is an excellent indicator that tells us whether buying or selling is currently dominant and in which direction volatility (price range) is occurring.

At first glance, it looks like an oscillator-type indicator, but in fact it is completely different.

This product is different from the others in that it shows the prevailing buying/selling by color and text. In addition, whether or not volatility is occurring is displayed in line color and text, so even those who do not know how to read it can see the display and use it for trading.

In addition, the background color changes according to the arrangement of the moving average lines displayed in "TimeDimenSIon" and "EMA", which are different products, and it shows whether the trend is upward or downward.

There is a video that explains how to use it in detail, so if you are interested

Learn from here.

Tradingview's script information about this indicator is here

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